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Dragon Boat USA  2018 National Team Trials Registration

Registration for any of the National Selection Trials can be completed online by clicking the link below for the site you prefer. Details for each event will follow your registration in the form of a confirmation email.

 2018 National Team Trials



- Tampa, Florida -

- Sugar Land, Texas -

- Long Beach,  California -

- Gainesville, Georgia -

- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -

- Portland, Oregon -


 Some feedback from previous Clinic / National Team Trials:

Tom B. wrote: "

Hey Mike, Thanks so much for sending the video and graph. It is of great benefit for me to be able look at this and analyze my stroke.  I am working out and running this winter to get stronger and in better shape. I am very eager for the start of our season in March. Your words will be in my head when we hit the water. I really appreciate your commitment to the sport (which I love also) and the personal time you took to help me achieve my goal of being a better paddler- personally and for my team."

Geri N. wrote:

"Good Evening Mike,

Thank you for the opportunity to have met you and for being able to learn valuable information on what it takes to be an elite Dragonboater.

The clinics/tryouts this weekend in Orlando have been a great and yet quite humbling experience for me...This weekend has been an awakening that has brought me to my knees and has taught me humility.

I will continue to train with Dennis and get the most paddling time I could get to become the best   paddler I can be.

Thank you again for the time you invested with us this weekend in Orlando and for imparting great information/knowledge on Dragonboating."

Tatjiana N wrote:

Orlando clinic was a great experience for me.

Mike is an enthusiastic and energetic coach who is sure to get the most out of you. His experience,  commitment to the sport and dedication to help striving paddlers become the best they can be are all assets that make this clinic so special and valuable to all of us who wish to become a higher level paddler.

I thought the paddling drills we did and the tools used to provide assessments were excellent.  

Seeing yourself on a video and the readings of the Merlin paddle can be quite surprising and yes, possibly disappointing but, provided one left their ego at home, it is ultimately an excellent reality check on one's paddling technique revealing what one's strengths and weaknesses are.

Mike did an excellent job going over individuals' videos and stroke recordings providing a very insightful and constructive feedback as well as a foundation for future paddling focus and improvement efforts.  In addition, he took special care to give all the feedback in a  sensitive and comforting way (yes, I am a female :) that encourages and empowers.

Dennis provided us with an excellent prep for paddling but watch out. you may be surprised with what a hand full of seemingly innocent exercises could make you feel like the next few days (if you are not used to it). Definitely something to add to your paddling routines if you are not already doing it.

I left the clinic with all my goals and expectations met: a clear insight of where I am as a paddler, what I need to work on from there on and where I need to be in order to make the national team.  I would also like to add that despite not having an expectation to hear or see an entirely eye opening perspective on a technique or a certain part of it, I actually did gain a few, so in that sense my expectations were exceeded.

I would encourage anyone committed to the sport to attend and reap all the benefits it has to offer.

Garf wrote:

"Mike, you and your Orlando based staff did an outstanding job with the clinic. Good Job :):) I thoroughly enjoyed the event and learned a lot. I was very pleased with your open approach towards selection of candidate's for the USA World team and I fully support the use of multiple data elements such as fitness test, video, data paddle, etc. I believe that you are on the right track with this process.  I also want to commend your staff for making everyone comfortable in the boat and taking time to answer questions and provide helpful answers. I was impressed with the quality of your Orlando staff.  I will admit to being skeptical about the value of the clinic to me personally however, after the sessions I believe that I can and will be able to employ the paddling techniques with greater understanding and continue to improve as a coach and paddler."

Jan wrote: "

Hi Mike! It was great to hear from you!I took your quick tip to heart, and employed it at the Blade Runners first practice. I changed the position of my feet a bit to maintain the ability to push off more. Also working on explosion... I will likely see you on the 25th of February.Thanks again!"

Hildren F. wrote: 

"Hey Coach!

Thank YOU for a great clinic in Orlando! As to be expected - it was intense and productive to the max! It is always refreshing and inspiring to see you share the contagious passion you have for the sport with those around you. 

Health and Happiness to you and the whole gang in the New Year! 


Janet T wrote:

Hi, Mike! I hope all is good with you.:)  I certainly enjoyed your two-day clinic at our Orlando ORC/DBlocation...This past weekend was such afantastic learning experience and wow, did our bodies feel the effects fromyour clinic. :D...The workout program your assistant coach introduced us to is now part of mydaily workouts. I will achieve the 2-minutegoal for each exercise...I am looking forward to your next Florida clinics as I will be using them togauge my progress in dragon boating!  Thank you again for giving all of usthis opportunity and for giving us great tools to improve our dragon boatingtechniques, Mike. :)

Milan and its surrounding areas, Italy is simply beautiful! I was blessed to have had the opportunity to visit my brother who was stationed near there years ago. I am so thrilled that you and your team will be competing there, Mike!

God bless you always and Happy Holidays to you"

Pat G wrote: " Mike, Thanks again for a great weekend!  It was well worth the time and money, just wish it could have been longer.


Jomarie of the Puerto Rico Dragon Boat Federation Wrote:

I'm going to echo all the positive feedback that Carlos provided.  It was an excellent experience on and off the water.  Paddlers from Puerto Rico and Florida really enjoyed your dynamism, coaching and people skills, and nice approach to the dragon boat technique.

We hope you had a great time here in the Island of Enchantment.  Please consider this beautiful Island as your winter training grounds. Your teams will enjoy the experience.

Carlos R. wrote:

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for another great clinic.  We've had great feedback from our paddlers and some are already asking when you will be back.  They really liked the video review and the  in depth review of their data from the paddle.


Please Note:

- You may attend a Paddling Clinic without participating in  Team USA Trials. 
- You must participate in a Paddling Clinic AND a Trials if you wish to try out for Team USA.
- All members of Team USA must be an active member, in good standing of USAC/K and Dragon Boat USA in order to compete.
- It is not a requirement to be an active member of USAC/K and/or Dragon Boat USA to attend a clinic or attend a Trial for Team USA.
- If chosen to Team USA you must have proper citizenship papers.

Click here to become a member or renew your USAC/K membership: